Implementation oh hydrology data quality control in framework data quality improvement

Mirwan Rofiq Ginanjar, Sri Mulat Yuningsih


Planning and management of water resources are dependent on the quality of hydrological data. Hydrological data plays an important role in hydrological analysis. The availability of good and qualified hydrological data is one of the determinants of the results of hydrological analysis. However, the facts indicate that many of the available data do not fit their ideal state. To solve this problem, a hydrological data quality control model should be established in order to improve the quality of national hydrological data. The scope includes quality control of rainfall and discharge data. Analysis of the quality control of rainfall data was conducted on 58 rainfall stations spread on the island of Java. The analysis shows that 41 stations are good categorized, 14 stations are in moderate category and 3 stations are badly categorized. Based on these results, a light improvement scenario was performed, good category Station increased to 46 stations, moderate category decreased to 11 stations and bad category reduced to 1 Stations. Quality control of discharge data analysis was conducted on 14 discharge stations spread on Java Island. Analyzes were performed for QC1, QC2 and QC3 then got final QC value. The results on the final QC show no stations for good category, 2 stations for moderate categories and 12 stations for bad category. Based on the results of the analysis, a light improvement scenario was performed with the result of bad category increased to good category 5 stations, bad category increased to moderate 7 stations, and moderate category 1 stations.


Hydrology data; quality control; rainfall; discharge


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